Protecting the Environment

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Everyone is now looking to make the most of limited resources and we can assist in this process. When upgrading from older inefficient systems we can offer the latest ranges of high efficiency condensing heating plant to provide the required comfort levels in the most economical way possible. New boilers and heaters are available with net efficiencies of up to 104%. By installing the latest equipment, not only will running costs and energy consumption be reduced but carbon emissions as well. If you are looking to replace and upgrade an existing inefficient installation by utilising the latest technologies there are grants and loans available for this kind of improvement through the Carbon Trust.

We can offer guidance and assistance in completing this process if required.

Even if you are not looking to replace an existing system or install from new there are other ways that we can help you to improve your efficiency and save money. In any space, part of any heat input into the area will naturally rise to high level. By installing heat de-stratification fans in a factory or workshop environment you can make use of this high level heat that is normally wasted. By recirculating this waste heat back down to low level up to 20% savings on running costs and energy usage can be made. In the case of waste heat generated through your production processes, then this is in effect free heat as once installed the running costs for the fans are minimal. Capital payback terms can be as short as 18 months for this type of installation.

If your heating system is being controlled by a traditional time clock and thermostat then there are new electronic controllers and sensors that will provide close control of space temperature. The sensors in these controllers are accurate to 1°C so offer accurate and reliable control of the environment. The units are also code protected to prevent unauthorised tampering so that you retain control of the system. Other options include optimised control to ensure that the work environment is at the correct temperature at the start of the working day or weather compensation to adjust heating requirements according to external temperature.

Our air conditioning partners can supply the latest air source heat pumps to provide optimum comfort at the lowest cost. These can be direct acting or linked to a traditional style wet heating system.